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 The Abduction of Kelly Cahill on 8th August 1993

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PostSubject: The Abduction of Kelly Cahill on 8th August 1993   Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:17 am

The Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction Case is one of the most intriguing of all times.

On the Night of the 8th Aug 1993, she left with her husband to make the trip to a friends house by car. The drive was uneventful untill the passed trough the Dandenongs Foothills, when out of nowhere Kelly Cahill noticed the appearance of Bright Orange lights in the sky, didn't think more about it until the drive home later that night when she noticed a bright Object just above the treetops in the Sky. As they Drove closer she could see the object clearly being a row of bright Orange Lights. In the Orange Lights she could make out shapes of, what she described as people.

It wasn't till several weeks later that parts of her memory returned of what happened that night, she retells how her husband actually stopped the car and they both got out.

See the video where she recounts the events of this night

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The Abduction of Kelly Cahill on 8th August 1993
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