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PostSubject: Please Read before Posting   Please Read before Posting EmptySat Apr 02, 2011 1:30 am

There are many conspiracies, articles, news reports, blackout news, hidden/buried news and unexplained events that happen daily around the world. This forum was created to cover these topics in conjunction with our News Blog: http://www.comingcrisis.org/

Everyone is Welcome to participate in Discussions regarding these topics. Please take the time to read the Forum Rules before posting.

Thank you

Coming Crisis Team



1. Before you post, take the time to say a quick hello and introduce yourself in the Welcome section. We may be opinionated but we don't bite (not hard anyway).

2. If you have a question, do a Search to see if it has already been answered in another post or section. If this does not cover your question, please don't hesitate to contact one of us.

3. Double postings will be removed. This could happen if you make an mistake and have reposted the same article twice.

4. Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting behavior or content will be removed and must be avoided at all times. We ask that you respect that other people will have different opinions, so let's play nice.

5. Anything you post will become instantly public. Be aware of this and back claims up with fact, links or sources to confirm your claims.

6. If you have received advertising, illegal, pornographic, insults or other suspect material through your PM, please send the whole message and screenshot of that message to an Admin or moderator on this site. If posted in the public Forum, it will be removed instantly.

7. Posting adverts and Promotion of your own Sites will be removed unless agreed to beforehand by the Coming Crisis Team.

8. The use and posting of images and names without consent that have not appeared in the public domain or in news articles or reports will be removed.

9. Your Avatar is not an advertising Banner so please don't use it as one. This is also the case for language, location and hobbies fields: do not advertise in these fields. (Avatar can be disabled if a request of change by a moderator is ignored).

10. If caught advertising by PM your PM function will be disabled.

11. Spamming the Forum will result in an Instant Ban.

We believe in free speech and realize that opinions create necessary questions, whether we agree with them or not. Please respect the above mentioned rules and there will be no Bans made on this forum. However, if a member, after 2 warnings, continues to disrupt or break the rules they will be removed.

Thank you.

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Please Read before Posting
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